Corporate citizenship

Corporate citizenship spotlight: Savola Group

Successful companies invest in high-quality products and businesses.  Standout companies, those able to create positive change to their surroundings, invest in people.  The Savola group invests in both.  This company found its roots in the import business, beginning by importing vegetable oil to local markets in 1979.  Even though the company was not unique in its business, it was “able to carve out a niche for ourselves by listening carefully to our customers’ needs and preferences.”  The Savola Group did not have rich backers or strong political ties, they simply listened, cared, and provided what customers wanted.  In 1998, the group expanded by investing in a local sugar refinery in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.  Since its inception, the company has supported local businesses, giving them the backing they need to succeed. 

Investing in local businesses, however, is just one aspect of what makes the Savola Group stand out amongst its competitors.  The company also invests in improving the lives of those in their community.  The company recently implemented the Savola Bridges for Social Responsibility, where they are dedicated to values based in corporate citizenship.  This department runs the Savola’s Center for Empowering Persons with Disabilities, “which trains and employs persons with disabilities is its strategic initiative for corporate social responsibility stemming from its belief in the program, its value, and impact on the lives of persons with disability.”  Savola Bridges also funds a Children’s Ability Program (CAP), which supports the rehabilitation of sick or injured children.  The company’s slogan, Values Built on Values, is exemplified by these and other programs that support and improve the lives of those in their community.

Having high-quality imports in local stores is fantastic, but having that profit invested back into the community is even better.  Doing both? Just look at the Savola Group. They, simply put, change lives.

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