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Consistency in problem solving

Consistency in our approach to problem solving and provision of analysis to clients. By continually applying the same methodology our clients can confidently use our data and analysis for forecasting purposes, confident that the same rigorous methods have been applied each time.

Finely tuned solutions

We do not provide standardised reports. We will only ever provide lean, relevant and highly detailed analysis that answers the exact requirements set out by our clients. We know the power of dialogue too, which is why we provide verbal briefings to accompany all of our reporting.

Ensuring best practice

Compliance. Ensuring business best practice in everything that we do.We ensure that integrity and ‘doing the right thing’ is at the very core of our DNA as a business. We always seek to challenge our position and ensure that we protect the best interests of our clients and our advisers.

Services we offer


Delivering information that helps your company make informed decisions based on a complete awareness of the geopolitical factors that are relevant to the country you are interested in provides the foundations for the services that we offer.

Political & Economic Risk Analysis

Understand which risks are worth taking and which ones are not. We can help you actively manage the risks within your internationally diversified portfolios through bespoke and timely analysis and scenario planning.

Stakeholder Mapping

Do not waste time engaging with those that have no impact on the success of your business proposal. Understand exactly where the balance of power lies and maximise your chances of success by engaging with those that do.

Corporate Citizenship

Promote positive social change. We can help you invest in worthwhile community projects and causes across the region that represent your company values and subsequently help promote the impact that you are having.

Market Entry Strategies

No one market entry strategy works for all international markets. We can help refine your strategy by ensuring you have taken into consideration all of the relevant factors and help you to decide on the degree of adaptation of your product or service that is required.

Middle East & North Africa Political and Economic Risk reporting

A network of regional advisors ensures that the highest standards of reporting and analysis methods are maintained through continuous training and development of the team members and frequent working groups.

Reliable Risk Analysis and Market Insight services

In-country experts

Our in-country experts provide timely reporting and analysis of geopolitical trends and specific market events.

sourced and cross-checked

All of our information is jointly sourced and cross-checked with our network of regional advisors.

Unique reports

We believe emerging markets are unique and therefore require a distinct approach that takes into account their idiosyncrasies.

Accurate information

We pride ourselves on never providing reporting on the basis of desk-led analysis alone. Everything we do is validated in-territory before entering any of our reports.

We focus on results

Our clients have traditionally relied on a combination of management consultants, data subscriptions, and niche research providers. We regularly hear feedback that these models are costly, inconsistent in terms of quality and service, and ultimately inefficient for clients. We strive to provide services which translate directly into outperformance.

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Know what's really going on
Risk Analysis

We have coverage of 12 countries in the MENA region and have the ability to deliver detailed reporting across the spectrum of the Political and Economic Risk field. We can produce everything from monthly reports to bespoke projects.

Hit the ground running
Market Insight

Predicting your possible obstacles before you encounter them will enable you to find solutions before they become insurmountable. Forewarned is forearmed.

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